About Dr. Brittany Kleszynski

My journey started as a little girl with a big heart for animals. Living in the country, homeless or lost animals would frequently appear in my yard. My parents used to joke that the animals just somehow knew exactly where to find me! It seemed natural that this love would evolve into a desire to care for and heal pets in my future career.

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with my Bachelor of Science degree in 2015. During my time there, I became involved in shadowing at veterinary practices, working in a veterinary diagnostic laboratory, doing research, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

I achieved my dream of becoming a veterinarian in May 2019 when I graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Following graduation, my family moved to North Carolina to start a new adventure!

In North Carolina, I took part in a short postdoctoral fellowship, during which I discovered my passion for writing, prior to pursuing small animal medicine. I started this blog to educate pet parents and act as a resource for aspiring veterinarians who may be struggling to find their interests or just need some tips and tricks on making it through vet school. I also strive to raise awareness for the issues that are relevant to this profession so that the general public has a better understanding of the life of veterinarians.

I hope you will find this blog not only educational, but also entertaining and inspiring! Thanks so much for visiting!

Brittany Kleszynski, DVM